TrueRandom is the end game solution when it comes to random number generation. Providing its users with the most random and secure numbers.

Powerful Random

With our powerful, highly complex, dedicated True-Random algorithm you can always ensure you are getting unique random numbers.

Easy API

With our easy to use, fast and always running API you can spend more time getting your algorithms and security out there to your clients!


We pride ourselves on providing you with the most secure and truly random numbers that we achieve by rolling the dice in house!


TrueRandom has a powerful backend API which you can use to directly query numbers from our service we keep a store of numbers ready for you to make sure you get your random numbers when you need them most.

JSON 200

  "response": 3



Ideal for small personal projects or situations where you don't need to access large amount of random numbers

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$ 35 /per 5 rolls

Perfectly meet all of your company's randomization needs. Give your company the edge in security.

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$ 420.69 /month

Great for large organizations that need lots of highly secure military grade randomization. We can meet all your needs.

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